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Details of New Array - 4 x G0KSC 7LFA

QSL info: G8BCG IO70RK WAB SX26 Cornwall
G8BCG Peter Taylor, The Byre, Coombe Farm, St Keyne, Cornwall, United Kingdom, PL14 4RS
Please note that $1US does NOT cover cost of  postage to anywhere outside EU!

H44PT: My last operations as H44PT were March / April 2000

What's it all about?.....

This site is all about Amateur Radio (ham radio). More specifically it is about my own personal interests in this great hobby - 50MHz propagation and DXing.
G8BCG 50MHz DXCC # 398 25th Sep 2001 G8BCG/P QSL Card G8BCG 50MHz DXCC # 398 25th Sep 2001


I have held the callsign G8BCG since 1967. My main interest has always been WEAK SIGNAL VHF and UHF long distance (DX) propagation. 

Living and working in the Solomon Islands from 1978 until 1985, using the callsign H44PT, I was hooked on 6m. 50MHz is still my favourite band and pretty much the sole focus of this site.

In my 30+ years in the telecommunications industry I have been fortunate to work throughout the world, including extended periods in Thailand, Australia, Solomon Islands, California and Korea. Great for Ham Radio!

More recently I have been using my project management and technical skills planning and installing VSAT systems for a major bank across Africa from Botswana to Uganda and from Ghana to Seychelles and Mauritius. But not much time for ham radio - Ah well.

I did get on 50MHz for a few hours whilst in Gibraltar - ZB0/G8BCG see the site hear the sounds.

My trips to Zimbabwe were pretty good too! - Z2/G8BCG - more pictures and sound.

Other pages worth a listen include the H44 50MHz Firsts page and sound archive located on my H44PT site and my current Cycle 23 sound archive on this site.


What's on Six:


H44PT  H44PT site incl 50MHz ACTIVITY APRIL 2000 is here

My contact details:
E-mail: peter(at)g8bcg.org.uk
Phone:  +44 1579 320147


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G8BCG UKSMG Member # 1570

G8BCG / H44PT SMIRK Member # 4780Make More Miles on VHF

G8BCG UKSMG Member # 1570

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