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Marconi Postage Stamps and First Day Covers
from Solomon Islands

Marconi Centenary FDC

In 1996, the centennial year of radio communications, Solomon Islands in the SW Pacific issued a set of four stamps commemorating Marconi's achievements:
  • $1.05 - Marconi demonstration on Salisbury Plain c.1896
  • $1.20 - Marconi maritime installation c.1900
  • $1.35 - First aeronautical radio - Croydon Airport c.1920
  • $1.45 - Marconi in Japan during his 1933-34 world tour

I have some spares of this set of four stamps on a First Day Cover (FDC) please contact me for details. Sorry, I no longer have any mint stamps.

Also Available: Solomon Islands Radio Society FDC

Issued for World Communications Year in 1983, I still have a small number of the special H44SI Solomon Islands Radio Society Commemorative FDCs available to sell - please contact me for details.
Sorry, I no longer have any mint stamps. 

H44SI Solomon Islands Amateur Radio Society FDC


This is site has a great timeline of telecommunication:

And, here is a great piece on Marconi:

I was alerted to these resources by Megan Taylor (no relation!) at 

Another H44 Ham Radio Cover:

Amateur Radio from Space Shuttle 

This cover is RARE!

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