DXCC firsts worked on 6M from the United Kingdom

These listings are compiled from claims to be the first station to work a particular country on 6M from the United Kingdom. They are separated into the UK DXCC "entities" of G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU and GW. By their nature, they will never be 100% accurate.

The lists were originally created by Ken, G4IGO then maintained and updated by Kev G0CHE and in more recent times by Chris G3WOS. I hope to respect their efforts by keeping these lists as up to date and accurate as possible - please help by submitting your claims and updates.

There are quite a few gaps for countries worked since 2001 so it would be good to fill in the gaps. Of course, many of the more exotic DXCCs were worked first on EME but with the advent of the various WSJT modes, in particular FT8, many of these exotic entities are now workable by terrestrial means.

Please send any comments, omissions, corrections or new claims to Peter G8BCG at DXCC-Firsts@g8bcg.org.uk . The page can be found at http://www.g8bcg.org.uk/6mukfirsts.htm

** DXCCs marked in green: During his tenure as Chris did not receive claims for certain countries, his QSOs for these were used as "place holders" pending claims of earlier contacts.
DXCCs marked in blue: Henceforth I will use MY QSOs for new DXCCs as "place holders" pending claims of earlier contacts from others.

73 Peter G8BCG

The lists: England, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Scotland, Guernsey and Wales

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